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Shorewood Utility Relief Program Updated 4-30-2020 

In order to assist Shorewood residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Village has created a Utility Relief Program. See the resolution adopted by the Village Board on April 14, 2020 for additional information.  On April 28th, the Village Board expanded the program to accommodate more residents during this challenging time.  See the resolution adopted by the Village Board on April 28, 2020.

The Village will provide two months of free utility services to Shorewood utility customers that are described above in the approved resolutions.  All typical charges and fees found on the monthly utility bill will be waived.  However, the Village reserves the right to charge water fees for actual use if the use is determined by the Village Administrator to be excessive (i.e. to fill a pool). 

If someone in your household (a non-dependent) has been approved for unemployment insurance, please complete the eligibility form below and submit written proof the State of Illinois has approved the applicant for unemployment insurance. 

If someone in your household (a non-dependent) is unable to get unemployment insurance but was laid off or had his/her income significantly reduced due to COVID-19, please complete the eligibility form below and submit a letter from his/her employer that confirms being laid off or significant income loss.  The letter must include the Tax ID of the business and include the name of the applicant.

Please refer to the two resolutions above for program details.

After completing the form, select the Browse button to attach an image of your proof of unemployment insurance or employer letter.  Then select the Submit button.

If you are unable to use this online eligibility form, please complete and submit this paper form CLICK HERE.

If you have previously been approved for this program and are seeking a second month of eligibility CLICK HERE.

All applicants will be notified of the decision to approve or deny their application by email or mail.


Use the 'Choose File' below to upload your document for proof of receiving unemployment insurance or a letter as defined in resolution approved on April 28, 2020.

I Agree
I Disagree


NOTICE-  Second Month Affirmation: 

Eligibility Affirmation

Our Household applied for a waiver of Water, Sewer and Refuse charges last month. Last month we provided evidence that a member of our household who could not be classified as a “Dependent” under the Rules of the IRS is receiving unemployment insurance or provided a letter from an employer.  By executing this affirmation, I do hereby swear or affirm that a member of our household who is not a Dependent is currently receiving unemployment benefits or continues to be laid off or experiencing significant income loss due to the pandemic.