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The Shorewood Parks and Recreation Department relies on volunteers to provide many of its services. Almost every month (and 12 weeks during the Summer!),  there is a free, family friendly and fun event every week.  We can’t do it without a dedicated group of volunteers who have a great time doing great things for our community. Our parks grow and flourish with the ideas and planning of new features and programs. As a Friend of the Parks, you might become a part of a survey or round table group helping to focus growth for the next generation. If you would like to volunteer for an hour, an event or a season, we would love to have you join us. Volunteering benefits our community, and you can personally benefit too! Here are just a few reasons to share your time and talents:

Maintain or renew job skills  ~  Contribute to the community   ~  Meet new people  ~  Earn school credit  ~  Develop leadership skills   ~  Job references  ~  Serve as a role model  ~  Have fun!


Please contact us phone at 815-741-7710 or email at for more information or questions!