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Bike Unit

Formed in the early nineties, the Shorewood Police Department Bicycle Patrol has grown considerably in the years since its inception. In the beginning, officers were required to purchase their own uniforms and bicycles if they wished to participate. They received little training and confined their activities to parades and other special events.

Today, the bike patrol is an important part of Chief Klima’s Community Oriented Policing Program. In support of the unit, the department along with the COPS organization, has purchased specially-outfitted mountain bikes, as well as uniforms, equipment, and cold weather gear. Officers attend a forty-hour training class where they receive instruction in aggressive riding, police bike techniques, safety and equipment maintenance. 

Weather permitting, officers ride each day as part of their regular patrol shift. Our focus is on public safety, crime prevention, and interaction with the citizens and business owners in our community. Officers spend the majority of their time riding through neighborhoods, shopping plazas, and parks. Patrolling on bikes allows the officers to interact more closely with the community as well as getting into places inaccessible by squad car. The low profile of the bike gives the officer an element of stealth, allowing them to ride up on things not normally approachable. 

The following are some of the services provided to the community by the Bike Patrol. 

  •   Bike registration (can be done any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
  •   Bike safety classes
  •   Special event coverage (parades, block parties, picnic, etc.)
  •   Youth Bike Safety Check Program
  •   Special patrols for crime or neighborhood problems 

Bicycle Patrol Officers 

  •   Deputy Chief of Patrol Eric Allen (Coordinator)  
  •   Detective Paul Hulbert
  •   Officer Kim Giugler  
  •   Officer Ryan Schloesser 
  •   Officer Brett Middleton   

Should you wish to arrange for members of the bike patrol to conduct classes, attend events, or assist you in any way, please contact Deputy Chief of Patrol Eric Allen  at (815)725-1460 or