Emerald Ash Borer Information

The Asian insect ravaging the Midwest's ash trees has been spotted in Shorewood.

The emerald ash borer has made its way into Shorewood. Village workers placed traps around town during the summer and "we have a couple confirmations," Anderson said.

During a presentation at village hall in August 2012, representatives from a company selling anti-ash borer products warned that the foreign pest can destroy an ash tree population within a year.Nearly 30 percent of Shorewood's trees are ash, leaving the village particularly vulnerable to an emerald ash borer attack.

Shorewood Public Works Director Roger Barrowman led an effort last year to take preventive measures against the emerald ash borer. Ash trees on village property were treated with a chemical injection, protecting them from the invasive species of insect. But not every tree in town was treated. Also, ash trees on private property must be taken care of by the respective land owner. 

Click here for a map showing which areas have been treated for Emerald Ash Borer

For more information or assistance in treating Emerald Ash Borer you can contact one of the following companies:

Arbor Tek Services Inc
Phone: 815-725-0044

Greenscape Services
Phone: 815-744-0212

Homer Tree Service
Phone: 815-838-0320