Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 

The Village of Shorewood  is committed to ensuring you access to information about your government. This section of our website contains summary material about the Village and its FOIA procedures, with the primary goal of assisting you in expediently locating information about your government which may be of specific interest to you.

Village of Shorewood elected officials include the Village President, the Village Clerk, and a six-person Board of Trustees. Your elected officials are elected at-large for staggered, four-year terms.

Before requesting specific additional information about your government, you may first wish to review a list of
frequently asked questions regarding Illinois’ FOIA law.

To help you in making a FOIA request, we have developed standard forms to assist you in the process. While you are not required to use either of these forms to make your request, we encourage their use, as we have found them to be beneficial in facilitating the clear communication of information. You may access these forms below (select whichever form better fits your needs—General or Police).

All FOIA requests should be submitted in writing (mail, personal delivery, fax, e-mail, or other means available) to one of the  FOIA officers listed below. Please include your name, your address, the date, and a daytime phone number in your correspondence so we may contact you if we need additional clarification regarding your request. We encourage you to provide us with as much information as possible on the subject matter you are seeking, as this will assist us in the processing of your request.

General/ Administrative / Form
Toni Dulny
Deputy Village Clerk
One Towne Center Blvd.
Shorewood, IL. 60404
(815)725-2150 ext. 202
(815)741-7709 FAX

Police /Public Safety /
Donna Prince
Administrative Assistant
903 W. Jefferson St.
Shorewood, IL. 60404
(815)725-8880 FAX 

If corresponding with us via e-mail, please include “FOIA request” in the subject line of your e-mail.

Copying fees for responding to your FOIA inquiry are set by Illinois’ FOIA statute. For black and white, letter or legal-sized copies, the first fifty pages are free, and charges for additional pages will not exceed fifteen cents per page. For color or abnormal-sized copies, you may be charged the actual cost of copying. Charges for electronic copies will be limited to the actual cost of the recording medium (tape, CD, disk, etc.).

We welcome your inquiries. Feel free to call us at (815)725-2150 ext. 202 with any general questions regarding your government and accessing specific information through a FOIA request.