Short history of Shorewood...

Prior to becoming incorporated on November 27, 1957, Shorewood was known as Troy. The area's history dates back to about 1830 when the area was settled by Horace Haff who migrated from Troy, New York. He suggested the name of West Troy. Very early Troy history refers to a sawmill built by Jedidiah Wooley, a three story grist mill built by William Grinton, A McGee knitting mill and the McEvoy Brothers sheep farms.

Shorewood began as a small fishing and resort community. Albert H. Bruning purchased farmland from Richard and Anna Meyer in 1926. He subdivided the land and sold small lots along the DuPage River for summer cottages. Joliet and Chicago residents used the cottages as weekend retreats. Hammel Woods and the DuPage River provided beautiful and popular sites for fishing, swimming and picnics.

The Shorewood Beach Improvement Association filed a certificate of incorporation August 6, 1931. The object of the association was to improve parking, and to provide general management, supervision, control and regulation of the streets, parks, river, beach, wells, bridges, etc. Management was vested in a board of six directors.

As an Association, guided by a Board of Directors, the residents paid a small annual fee and sponsored some fund-raising events to help defray expenses for improvements. The Association met regularly and recorded the minutes of their meetings. As years passed, new directors were named, fewer meetings were held, and with lack of funds, it was not possible to attain the goals the Association originally set forth.

On April 22, 1957, a Special Meeting was held at the Fire Station on Rt. 52. The object of the meeting was to consider the building requirements of the Shorewood Beach Improvement Association. As a direct result of the lack of governing powers held by the Association, the residents decided to incorporate as a Village. The petition for incorporation was on October 29, 1957. Judge John C. Cowing ordered an election to be held on November 23, 1957. On the date, a total of 177 ballots were cast. The election was carried by a majority of 99 ballots in favor of incorporation.

Although the community was known as Troy for many years, the name could not be used for the newly incorporated Village because there already is a Troy, Illinois in Madison County. The name Shorewood was chosen, and thus the Village of Shorewood came into being.

The first President of Shorewood was Raymond (Pat) Clark. Other Presidents who have served the Village, in order following Mr. Clark are: Richard J. Shaw (appointed), Robert F. Schwartz (elected), George Gorniak (elected), Gerald L. Johnson (appointed), Howell D. Franklin (elected), Arthur J. Lindeman (elected), David A. Barry (appointed), Richard F. Talaga (elected), David A. Barry (elected), Ronald W. Sarver (appointed), Ronald W. Sarver (elected), E. Edward Harbeck (appointed), Bertha J. Hofer (elected) Richard Chapman (elected)

In 1974, the Village outgrew its offices at the Fire Department garage, and the Shorewood Municipal Building was erected further west on Rt. 52. The building was renovated and a new wing added in 1983 and another addition in 1996.

Shorewood's population at the time of incorporation was 358. Population is now 15,615 according to the 2010 Census. The geographical planning boundary of the Village will support a population of 40,000. Future growth is expected to be rapid along the Rt. 59 corridor and along Rt. 52 West.  Shorewood is ready and willing to accommodate expansion while maintaining the integrity of a municipality devoted to the needs and comforts of its residential citizens through careful planning.