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Temporary Sign Relief

In order to provide as much exposure for the businesses hit the hardest during the pandemic, the Village Board adopted a resolution to stay enforcement of temporary sign regulations. Here's what it allows:

  1. Eligible Entities: Small businesses that have been classified as “non-essential” by the Governor’s Order; small, independently-owned restaurants; other retailers occupying spaces of up to 7,500 square feet in size; and businesses currently affected by resurgence mitigations are able to take advantage of the temporary sign relief.
  2. Location: Signs shall be placed on the subject property, provided that there is street frontage. For the properties without street frontage but located within a shopping center, signs may be placed off-premises only on immediately adjacent properties within the same shopping center and only with adjacent property owner approval. Signs shall not be placed within the right-of-way, within the vision triangle if taller than 36-inches in height and must be 3-feet from any property line. The Village retains the right to remove signs within the right-of-way and direct the removal of signs posing a risk to public safety.
  3. Number and Size of Signs: One temporary sign of up to 32 square feet shall be allowed per street frontage of the subject property or an adjacent property within a shopping center as identified above.
  4. Type of Signs: Only a banner, feather flag, portable sign or yard sign will be allowed. Any other type of temporary signage would be required to follow the zoning regulations, including obtaining a sign permit.
  5. Duration: Temporary signs installed by eligible entities that comply with the allowances above will be permitted to display the temporary sign during the time period under which Resurgence Mitigations are imposed for those businesses affected by the additional mitigations or until the expiration of the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation or as further ordered by the Village Board for all other eligible entities.
  6. Permit: A sign permit will not be required by eligible entities to install a temporary sign that complies with the allowances above.

The waiver of a permit does not negate the need to get property owner approval before a temporary sign is installed.  Be sure to support local businesses, such as Express Signs & Lighting, Graphic Promotions, PostNet, Staples or the UPS Store for your temporary sign needs.  Reach out to Natalie Engel at (815) 553-2314 or Kelley Chrisse at (815) 741-7708 with questions.

If your business does not qualify for Temporary Sign Relief, you can still erect temporary signage with a sign permit and in accordance with Village Code.  Complete the Sign Permit Application and submit the required documentation either by mail or in the payment drop box at Village Hall, One Towne Center Blvd, Shorewood, IL 60404.