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Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities


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Successful organizations know that becoming a visible part of the community in which they exist means more exposure, more connections... and more business!

Our full color seasonal Village Newsletter is sent to over 7,500 unique addresses (and displayed in more than 25 pick-up locations) in April, September and January each year. Your advertisement reaches families, singles, empty-nesters, businesses and organizations throughout Shorewood and Troy Township. Over 10,000 copies are distributed and, unlike a postcard or newspaper ad which has a short shelf life and is rapidly discarded, the Program Guide remains as a resource to be looked at time after time in its publication window.  Advertising in the Village Newsletter is economical, can be customized to suit your corporate standards, and seasonal to take maximum advantage of your marketing cycle.  Click on the brochure above to get a download of our advertising rates and information about the Village Newsletter.




Every month of the year, Shorewood brings an event to our residents that depends upon the generous sponsorshp investments of our business community. From small, neighborhood park events up to major festivals and Village-wide community parties, our programming brings together all ages, all purchasing demographics and all kinds of new customers for your business!  Being a sponsor of a Park Program or Event can bring you major returns on your investment that go far past the monetary.  Becoming an integrated part of the community in which you have chosen to locate your business takes you from being just a "Shop On The Corner" to be a "Family Friend" and trusted resource.  Not every opportunity is the right one for every business. But every sponsor is a valued part of our commitment to bringing the best in family friendly programming to the Village.  Click on the box below to get a full menu of sponsorship investment opportunities for the upcoming year. We sincerely hope that the benefits listed with each event, and our partnership in bringing our sponsors to the attention of our residents, will help you find a great opportunity that fits your business model and your budget.