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Alternative Supply Water Program (ASWP)


Sustainable Water Source Update 


Grand Prairie Water Commission Introduced

The communities of Channahon, Crest Hill, Joliet, Minooka, Romeoville, and Shorewood have joined together to proceed with the formation of the Grand Prairie Water Commission (GPWC). The mission of the Grand Prairie Water Commission is to provide a sustainable, reliable, and high-quality water supply for the member communities by 2030 and beyond to support public health, safety, economic interests, and quality of life.

A press event was held in August to introduce the name, logo, and website for the GPWC. The event was attended by Congresswoman Underwood, Congressman Foster, State Representative Walsh, Senators Meg Loughran Cappel, and Eric Matteson, former State Senator John Connor, Representatives Dee Avelar and David Welter, Mayors John Noak, Bob O’Dekirk, Missey Moorman Schumacher, and Raymond Soliman and Minooka Trustee Barry Thompson. 

Before the GPWC can be formally created, each community must obtain a Lake Michigan water allocation permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Joliet and Shorewood already have their permits, and the other four communities are in the process of obtaining their permits. Permits are anticipated to be received in 2023, at which time the GPWC can finalize formation.

All six member communities are currently working together to design the water transmission system required to bring water from Chicago to the region. Current activities include determining the transmission main route and locations for pumping facilities, storage tanks, and connections to each community, as well as preparation of design documents for the improvements. Construction is anticipated to commence in 2024. Customers will begin receiving Lake Michigan water in 2030.

The GPWC will own and operate the water system that brings Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago to the member communities. Each member community will purchase water from the GPWC and be responsible for providing it to their customers. 

We will keep you updated on the GPWC and what it means to our community. You can also learn more at the commission website at

Questions about the Alternate Water Source Program and Regional Water Commission can be directed to Noriel Noriega, Public Works Director, at (815) 553-2323 or


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