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Shorewood Comprehensive Plan

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A new Comprehensive Plan is underway!  In order to design Shorewood for the next 20 years, we need to hear from the community, which includes residents, employers, employees, visitors, and investors. We all contribute to Shorewood’s quality of life and need everyone’s input on how to make it a better place to live, work, play, and invest. Please visit the Shorewood Comprehensive Plan website at and provide comments on what makes Shorewood a great place, identify areas where Shorewood can be improved, and share ideas for things that you’d like to see. The success of the plan is dependent on public participation, and we have a robust public engagement plan to provide many opportunities to participate throughout the planning process. Please join the discussion and follow along at

The Village of Shorewood Comprehensive Plan is intended to be a guiding document for policy decisions regarding issues such as land use, transportation, and urban design. More than providing just the traditional comprehensive plan elements of development goals and land use policy, the current plan seeks to communicate a vision of the built environment that will be Shorewood in the future. At the core of that vision is the premise that beyond mere function, the elements that make up the built environment will cohesively blend to create a community of exemplary design and high quality of life for Village residents. With a major shift in the economy since the plan was adopted in 2007, it is time to update.

The following links present the current Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Shorewood, Illinois. The Comprehensive Plan represents the Village’s policies for future growth and development. The plan establishes policies for growth management, land use, transportation, and other community development-related issues. The benefits of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan extend to all Shorewood Residents. By careful planning, the Village can best utilize its resources and provide the highest quality of living for residents and businesses.

Cover and Table of Contents
Executive Summary and Introductions
Section 1-Community Planning Context
             Illustration 1-Planning Area Map
             Illustration 2-Existing Land Use Map
             Illustration 3 - Environmentally Sensitive Areas Map 
             Illustration 4 - Jurisdictional Boundaries Map 
Section 2 - Comprehensive Planning Factors 
Section 3 - A Plan for the Future 
             Illustration 5 - Land Use Plan
             Illustration 6 - Design Sectors Map 
             Illustration 7 - Gateway Plan
Section 4 - Transportation Plan 
             Illustration 8 - Transportation Plan 
Section 5 - Implementation 
Section 6 - Planning Goals and Objectives 
Section 7 - Background Information (Includes Demographic Information) 

Ordinance 07-1403 Adopting An Update and Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and Map