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Development and Building Fees

The Village of Shorewood Development and Building Fees are formally approved by Ordinance or Resolution, and therefore are subject to change with Village Board approval. Be advised that development impact fees are also included within Annexation Agreements, which are negotiated and approved on a case by case basis and may vary per development or date of approval. A development’s Annexation Agreement should be reviewed for specific fee information.

All fees and costs associated with the issuance of a building permit for residential structures, except the building permit fee, plan review, water meter, construction water and any fee to reimburse the Village for an out-of-pocket expense, shall be paid prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit or from one (1) year of issuance of the building permit whichever comes first.

Residential Charges

School FacilitiesSee Chart
School Land/CashSchool Contribution Chart
Park Land/CashPark Contribution Chart
Library District

$425.00 per dwelling

Village Capital Improvement

$1,400.00 per dwelling

Fire District

$1,125.00 per dwelling

Water Tap-on

$3,834.00 per dwelling

Sewer Tap-on

$2,940.00 per dwelling

Building Permit & Inspection Fees

Single and two-family residential - $1.00 per square foot of living area for single and two-family dwellings; Multiple-family residential (3 or more units) - $10 per $1,000.00 valuation to $40,000.00; $6 per $1,000.00 valuation over $40,000.00

Water Meter - 1 inch$675.00 or see Water Meter Price Chart for other sizes

 Development Impact Fee Summary by Subidivsion - 2017

Commercial / Industrial Charges

Building Permit Fees$10 per $1,000.00 valuation to $40,000.00; $6 per $1,000.00 valuation over $40,000.00 (construction costs to be estimated by Inspection Department)
Fire District$0.10 per square foot
Water Tap-on

$4,834.00 plus water line size charge (see chart) plus $3,000 fire sprinkler service line

Sewer Tap-on

PE Based: minimum 3 PE per unit, 1PE = $1,000

InspectionsSee Village Code 8-1-7


Development Review Fees

All Development Review Fees subject to Professional Fee Agreement and publication costs. Professional Fees are review charges incurred by Village consultants including but not limited to planner, engineer, and attorney.

Annexation, Single Lot Residential$350.00
Annexation, Multiple Lot Residential$850.00 recording fee + $50.00 per dwelling unit
Annexation, Non-Residential$850.00 recording fee + $100.00  per acre or fraction thereof
Zoning Change


Conditional Use Permit, including amendments


Conditional Use Permit for a PUD

$1150.00 + $400.00 for each additional CUP request embodied in the PUD

Variance, Single Lot Residential$225.00
Variance, Non-Residential & Multiple Lot Residential$650.00 per requested deviation
Preliminary Plat, Single Lot Residential$250.00
Preliminary Plat, Residential

$750.00 + $50.00 per dwelling

Preliminary Plat, Non-Residential

$750.00 + $100.00 per acre or fraction thereof

Final Plat, Single Lot Residential$250.00
Final Plat, Residential

$500.00 + $50.00 per dwelling unit

Final Plat, Non-Residential$500.00 + $100.00 per acre or fraction thereof
Concept Plan$250 for sites up to 2 acres, $500 for sites 2 acres or larger
Site Plan (includes new development and redevelopment)$2000.00 + $100.00 per acre or fraction thereof
Site Plan Amendment (includes any property being revised, additions, etc.)

$500.00 + $100.00 per acre or fraction thereof