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Riverfront Master Plan

The DuPage River has long been ready to contribute again to the prosperity of Shorewood and return to its original status.  Shorewood's first visitors sought an escape from busy life in the city with recreation along the shores of the River.  The water was clean and clear, and a perfect playground for the families of yesteryear.  As one of the initial reasons for Shorewood's existence, it seems only fitting that the Riverfront help bring excitement and opportunity to the Village once again for generations to come.

This plan recaptures the spirit of the original Shorewood Beach visitors by creating unique destinations along the river that will serve as a Third Place for Shorewood's citizens.  A collection of venues connected together, that when combined becomes a place that is not work... not home... but a third place to enjoy friends, neighbors and acquaintances that have enough in common to settle in the same area.  It invites visitors from thoughout the region to experience a new and accessible Riverfront that presents Shorewood in a manner fitting to its forward thinking, involved and thoughtful citizens.

Envisioned as a Riverwalk with connections to the DuPage River Trail system and as a spur to the Rock Run Trail, the I&M Canal Trail and ultimately a connection to the American Discovery Trail, the Shorewood Riverfront Trail brings people to the river in a meaningful way.  Opportunities to view, walk alongside, fish and boat in and around the river transforms this nearly forgotten resource to the forefront of resident activities and community pride.  

Cover and Acknowledgements
Executive Summary
Riverfront Vision
Strategic Approach: Summary
Strategic Approach: Riverfront Business District and Parks
Implementation Plan
Appendix A & B

Ordinance 10-1588: Adopting a Riverfront Master Plan