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Tax Information

Sales Tax Rates

Taxing DistrictTax Rate
State of Illinois5.25%
Village Share1.00%
Village Home Rule1.75%
Regional Transportaiton Authority (RTA)0.75%

Illinois Tax Rate Finder allows you to search for tax rates by municpality or county

*Disclaimer:  The Village of Shorewood believes these sales tax rates to be current.  However, retailers should confirm sate sales tax rates with the Illinois Department of Revenue at (217)782-3336

Property Tax Levy

The Village of Shorewood annually prepares a Tax Levy Ordinance which is presented by the Village Board at a public hearing held prior to passage. The tax levy is filed with the Will County Clerk's office prior to the last Tuesday in December of each year.

For additional information including historical rates, please view at the statistical section of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

The Village of Shorewood is only one of several taxing districts that impact your overall property taxes. For the 2022 Tax Levy (taxes paid in 2023), the following distribution per dollar is shown below. 

Information below is for properties located with School Districts 30-C and 204:

Taxing DistrictTax Rate

% of Tax Bill

Forest Preserve0.12571.44%
Will County Building Commission0.00000.00%
Troy Twp Town Funds0.07420.85%
Troy Twp Road Funds0.04400.50%
Troy Fire District0.72308.28%
School District 30-C (Troy)3.940345.13%
High School District 204 (Joliet West)2.510728.75%
Comm College Dist 5250.28763.29%
Village of Shorewood0.26373.02%
Village of Shorewood Rd & Bridge0.04390.50%
Shorewood-Troy Public Library District0.15631.79%
Will County0.56206.44%

 Information below is for properties located with School Districts 201-C and 111:

Taxing DistrictTax Rate

% of Tax Bill

Forest Preserve0.12571.61%
Will County Building Commission0.00000.00%
Troy Twp Town Funds0.07420.95%
Troy Twp Road Funds0.04400.56%
Troy Fire District0.72309.26%
High School District 211 (Minooka)2.317829.68%
School District 201-C (Minooka)3.211241.12%
Comm College Dist 5250.28763.68%
Village of Shorewood0.26373.38%
Village of Shorewood Rd & Bridge0.04390.56%
Shorewood-Troy Public Library District0.15632.00%
Will County0.56207.20%

Property Tax rates are per $100 of assessed valuation.

Local Motor Fuel Tax

A local Motor Fuel Tax is effective June 1, 2020.  The rates are as follows:

ProductTax Rate
Gasoline                            $.05/gallon

Gasoline and diesel retailers are responsible for the collection and remittance of this tax.  Remittance information is available on the forms page of this website.