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Police Department

Community Services

 Child Safety Seats

The Shorewood Police Department has trained certified technicians who are available to assist and educate citizens regarding the proper installation and maintenance of their child safety seats. Child safety seat installations are conducted on a walk-in basis.  Citizens can call ahead and make an appointment (emergencies and other circumstances permitting) and ensure an installation technician is on duty at the time they wish to schedule an installation. 

The Shorewood Police Department will ONLY install car seats for Shorewood Residents. We will no longer install car seats for non-Shorewood Residents. The Shorewood residents ONLY restrictions are not in effect for special car seat events performed in conjunction with our community partners.  Additionally, between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year, car seat install will ONLY take place seven days a week from 0700-1100 and 1900-2300 hours.  Car seat technicians will not be asked to perform car seat installs during the hottest time of the day in the summer months. 

 Residents of the Village of Shorewood are not charged for this service. 


Officer Weston Barlog - D.A.R.E. Officer

In 1983, Chief Darryl Gates of the Los Angeles Police Department and Dr. Harry Handler of the Los Angeles Unified School District met and discussed the drug problem. They agreed a cooperative effort might be more successful in the war on drugs than just arresting violators. It's simple supply and demand. If you can reduce the demand for drugs the price will fall. As the prices fall, the dealers will have to find another way to make a profit. 

Education and medical experts agree that a prevention program must begin in the elementary grades to be most effective. DARE is geared toward the fifth and sixth grade. The program expanded to include a kindergarten through grade 4 program. Police officers now teach the DARE curriculum to elementary students worldwide. 

The DARE Curriculum - DARE is an acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. DARE not only teaches kids they should say no but how to say no.

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Fingerprint Services

Fingerprint services are performed on a walk-in basis when an officer is available.  Residents and businesses of the Village of Shorewood are not charged for this service.  We will no longer provide this service for non-Shorewood Residents.

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Vacation House Watch

The Shorewood Police Department offers a Vacation House Watch service to residents of the Village.  Vacation House Watch forms can be picked up at the Shorewood Police Department Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., faxed or emailed to you, or obtained by clicking this link.  When residents return home, it is recommended they call 815/725-1460 or 815/725-4636 so the police department is aware they have returned home.

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