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Police Department

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division of the Shorewood Police Department is led by Deputy Chief of Administration and Investigations Jason Barten who oversees two detectives and the work of our evidence technicians and crime scene investigator to build prosecutable cases with our legal team.  


Detectives in the Shorewood Police Department are sworn police officers selected because of their individual skills to receive specialized training and work cooperatively with a diverse network of regional partners for localized and regional criminal cases.  Detectives routinely work taxing case loads with complex and diverse issues requiring an inordinate amount of versatility and conscientiousness in the execution of their duties.  Most importantly, the Investigations Division advocates for victims and routinely refers them to the entities most able to assist them in their recovery from their individual situation.  As of November 2020, the sworn officers appointed to the Investigations Division are Detective Paul Retzke, Detective Jason Keehma and Detective Kevin Frazier. 

Juvenile Officers

Illinois law requires police officers to transfer any child taken into custody to a state certified juvenile police officer.  Juvenile police officers are specially trained in accordance with the certification set by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board to advocate for the child’s well being until the child is reunited with their parents.  One might presume this is mostly for addressing problems of delinquency or criminal offenses, but juvenile officers more often address issue of abuse, neglect, or juveniles requiring authoritative intervention.