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Public Works Department

Welcome to the Public Works Department for the Village of Shorewood. The Village takes pride in the delivery of services through our Public Works Department. The effectiveness of this department is evident to our residents in the care taken to maintain a safe and well-maintained system of streets, water, and sewer lines. We are pleased to serve you and answer any questions that you may have.

Contact Information:

Public Works Department


The Department is responsible for:

  • Snow and Ice Removal - keeps our streets safe for use and travel during and after snow and ice events;
  • Leaf Removal - provides curbside leaf collection during the fall months,
  • Curb Replacement – removes and replaces defective curbs;
  • Road Surface Maintenance - extends the life of street surfaces through preventative maintenance programs and, where necessary, repairs damaged streets as rapidly as possible;
  • Street Lighting –conducts routine inspections and maintenance on all Village-owned street lights;
  • Street Sweeping – cleans and removes all debris and leaves from the roadways and inlets to protect the road drainage system and maintain safe vehicular conditions;
  • Parkway Maintenance – conducts annual and routine maintenance including tree trimming, grass mowing, sod repair, brush/tree chipping, stump removal and litter removal in parkways and ditches;
  • Sidewalk Maintenance – Monitors the condition of the sidewalks to protect pedestrians and repairs defects as quickly as possible and ensures compliance with A.D.A. requirements;
  • Detention & Retention Pond Maintenance – maintains weed control, mows grass and addresses drainage issues for Village owned property;
  • Building Maintenance – handles all maintenance issues with the Village-owned buildings;
  • Park Maintenance – maintains and preserves the beauty of all Village-owned park property and facilities;
  • Water Treatment, Distribution and Billing – ensures the quality and reliability of the water system within the Village, as well as providing accurate water billing in a timely fashion;
  • Sewer Maintenance & Treatment – ensures that all storm and sanitary sewers function properly at all times.