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The Village is happy to announce the creation of a cost sharing program for residential parkway tree replacement.  The program was developed to assist the homeowners of Shorewood with the expense of replacing their parkway tree(s) when the tree(s) has been removed due to damage, insect infestation, disease or death.  Funds available for the program vary annually with budget approval, are on a first come first serve basis and will be approved based on funds remaining for the program.  The Parkway Tree Replacement Program includes the complete details and requirements for the parkway tree removal process and Replacement Program.

Prior to removing any parkway tree, the homeowner must  complete a Parkway Tree Program Application and receive approval to do so.  The homeowner should NOT purchase the tree until the application has been approved by the Village.  Approved replacement tree applications will be reimbursement up to a maximum of $150 per tree.  A species guide listing acceptable parkway trees within the Village of Shorewood is provided to assist in the proper choosing of a parkway tree for the property.