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Citizen’s Advisory Committee

The Citizen’s Advisory Committee was formed to provide another means for residents to be directly involved in their village government. Members are appointed by the Village President (Mayor) and Board of Trustees.  They serve without compensation. It reviews and makes recommendations on various village issues, and is a forum for exchange of information on these matters. Although residents are always encouraged to contact their Village Administrator, Trustees, and President, they also can contact their neighborhood representative on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee to ask questions, raise concerns, or give opinion on issues. The committee meets the 4 th Thursday of every month at 7:00 P.M. at the Village hall.

Listed below are Citizen’s Advisory Committee members who represent their subdivision in the Village of Shorewood (Click Here to view Citizen's Advisory Zone Map). If you have any concerns in your neighborhoods you can contact the Village Hall at (815)725-2150 or contact the representative of your neighborhood.

Tony Luciano, Chairman

Jason Nicholson - Breckenridge

Maureen Roliardi-Brookshore Park 

Bob Hyde - Brookshore Park

Gina Rossi Campus - Country West

Amalia Sloan - Estates of Hidden Creek

Art Martin - Edgewater

Dave Blaskey - Edgewater 4 

Chris Drey - Fox Bend

Sarah Szambelan - Hunt Club

Mark Nicpon - Kipling Estates

Chris Pantaleo - Kipling Estates

Ray Simpson - Kipling Estates

Larry Tacker - Kipling Estates

Dave Pilon - Kipling Estates

James Meek - Kipling Estates

Amy Conant - Lake Forest

Kristi Szum - Lake of the Woods

Randi McCauley - River Bluff

Becki Hackett - River Bluff

Maria Hennessy - River Oaks West

Jennifer Lopez - River Oaks East

Mark Kowynia - River Oaks South

Caitlin Schoonmaker-Rollingwood Estates

Brent Dade - Rollingwood

Kim Anderson - Saddlebrook Estates

Michael Pesel - Saddlebrook Estates

Denzil Smothers - Shorewood Beach

Dawn Damiani - Shorewood Beach

Michael Perry - Shorewood Glen

Judith Monahan - Shorewood Glen

Ann Jansen - Shorewood Park

Jayne Bergman - Shorewood Park

Lenore Handlon - Sunset Hills

Kim Gould - The Vintage

Lori Lakota - The Vintage

Cynthia Jones - The Vintage

Mike Kaminsky- Towne Center

Scott Selfridge - Towne Center

Eric Evans - Towne Center

Sean Audy - Towne Center

Sarah Slater - Walnut Trails

Paul Vercelloti - Westfield Village

Shirley Boyd - Westfield Village

Debbie Kilhafner - Westminister Gardens