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Electric Aggregation Information

Electric Aggregation Ends October 1st, 2021


The Village’s contract with Constellation expires at the end of September (it varies slightly by meter read date). Residents will be receiving a letter from ComEd stating that the program has come to an end, and they are being returned to ComEd.  There is nothing that residents need to do or opt-in or opt-out of currently. 

Net-metered customers, those with solar power that have applied to ComEd’s net-metering program, will need to resubmit their net-metering paperwork to ComEd. Those residents were alerted that they would need to do this when they signed up for net-metering, and will be notified again by ComEd, along with their letter about returning to the default rate.

Update on Electric Aggregation May 2020


Over the past 8 years our community, along with 14 others across Will County, have joined together in a community electric aggregation program to save you money on your electricity supply. During those years we have been able to collectively save millions of dollars on resident electricity costs.

In September 2018 – after a competitive bidding process – we began a new three-year contract with Constellation to supply electricity to our residents. This contract provides a fixed rate of 7.517 cents/kWh with the added benefit of 100% carbon free electricity.

Carbon-free electricity matches your electricity supply with emission-free energy certificates (“EFECs”)*, which have been created to represent the emission-free attributes of generating sources that do not directly emit greenhouse gases from combustion (which for our program are nuclear sources). So our carbon-free electricity plan with Constellation helps meet our environmental and climate change goals.

ComEd has released their prices for the coming 12 months, and they are 6.404 cents/kWh for June-September 2020, and 7.062 cents/kWh for October 2020-May 2021.

As a reminder, residents are always able to leave the program at any time without a termination fee, by contacting Constellation at 1-844-252-4216 or online at Residents will need their ComEd account number when calling or using the website.

If residents have questions about the program, they can contact the Will County Governmental League at 815-254-7700.


*The carbon-free electricity product consists of the residents’ total supply of electricity matched with EFECs produced by the PJM Environmental Information Services’ (“PJM EIS”) Generation Attribute Tracking System (“GATS”) sourced from a generating unit that does not directly produce any air emissions (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, or carbon dioxide) as reported in GATS. The EFECs provided with this product are generated 100% by nuclear generating facilities located in PJM and will be in an amount equal to 100% of the residents’ electricity usage, over and above any then-current renewable portfolio standard requirements for Illinois applicable to alternative retail electric suppliers.



Village of Shorewood Enters Into Contract with Constellation October 2018

The Will County Governmental League and many municipalities in the league (including Shorewood) entered into a 3 year contract for the electric aggregation with Constellation beginning in October.  All residents are automatically in the contract and do not have to do anything unless they want to opt out. 

The current ComEd price to compare is 7.358¢/kWh, residents with the aggregation group are currently paying 7.190¢/kWh. Those rates expire at the end of September. Beginning October 1st the ComEd price to compare will be 7.941¢/kWh, and the aggregation group will be 7.517¢/kWh.

Who allowed the government to do this?

Each community passed a referendum in April or November of 2012 allowing the municipality to establish an aggregation program.

Do I have to opt-out every time?

Yes. The way that the aggregation programs are established all eligible residents, including those who have opted out in the past, receive the letters and are re-enrolled.

Why do I have to provide my account number?

ComEd supplies the account numbers, via the requests from the communities, to the suppliers so that the winning supplier can mail out the letters and enroll all the eligible customers. In order to opt-out of the program they need the account number to remove the list of enrolled customers.